And eternity begins now

Day 52 - Let Me Go - Avril Lavigne ft. Chad Kroeger

"You came back to find I was gone And that place is empty Like the hole that was left in me Like we were nothing at all It’s not what you meant to me Thought we were meant to be Oh, there isn’t one thing left you could say I’m sorry, it’s too late I’m breaking free from these memories Gotta let it go, just let it go I’ve said goodbye, set it all on fire Gotta let it go, just let it go (And let it go) and now I know (A brand new life) is down this road (And when it’s right) you always know (So this time) I won’t let go There’s only one thing left here to say Love’s never too late"

Robert Pattinson for Esquire UK

Robert Pattinson ~ ESQUIRE Shoot


Shelley Hennig and sex at SDCC 2014

"Shit happens, you know?"

—Robert Pattinson - Esquire UK  (via eyesontaybert)



“From my cod-psychoanalysis of myself, I think I do it for myself, I like to see if I’m capable of something, and I don’t really care what people think, even though I read all the reviews. If it really mattered, it would have destroyed me years ago.”

“I know what makes me happy, if I’m feeling down - doing things that make your friends jealous. It really works!” - Robert Pattinson for Esquire UK, September 2014